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Green Supercomputers at Nuclear Security Agency

SuperComputerYou may be surprised to see the word “green” and “supercomputers” being used together, but the National Security Agency recently received computers that lead the industry in both energy efficiency and processing power. In fact, these computers have made both the Green500 List as well as the Top500 List, which is the list the ranks the world’s most fast supercomputers.

IBM developed the new Blue Green series supercomputers, with investments from NNSA. According to NextGov, Bob Meisner, acting director of NNSA’s Advanced Simulation and Computing Office, said that, “None of these machines at this scale would ever be built without government investment, primarily because other industries just want to buy the most capable thing they can get to their job. If the government doesn’t make the investment, this particular technology doesn’t progress.” The Blue Gene series recently was presented the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama.

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