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GSA Looks to Comments to Fine-tune FAPIIS

capThe GSA needs your help.

According to a note published in the Federal Register, General Services is looking for comments and feedback on the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information Systems (FAPIIS) – the new database aiming to keep government contractors honest.

GSA faces some problems in the early stages of the project, such as how to make the system as agile and easy to use as possible.

Without direction, the crush of information on the site could become overwhelming and make the tool difficult to use.  And there would be a lengthy list of info:  according to the 2009 Defense Authorization Act, which tasked the GSA with the creation of FAPIIS, any firm with more than $10 million in federal grants or task orders must submit information to the site – and any time a federal agency is awarding a deal worth more that $500,000, they have to conduct research on the firm based on the FAPIIS.

The comment call lasts until the end of March, ahead of FAPIIS yet to be scheduled launch.

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