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GSA Rethinks Cloud Strategy After Negative Feedback

cloud-computingThe General Services Administration has scrapped a previous quotation request for cloud infrastructure services and is planning to offer a new one, after absorbing feedback from various agencies and vendors.

“Eleven months in cloud computing time is really about 11 years,” Dave McClure, associate administrator for GSA’s office of citizen services and communications said. “The market is changing fast, experience in the market is changing daily, and customer needs are becoming better defined.”

“We’ve learned we need to interact with industry very carefully. As we go out with the new RFQ, we’re going to be reaching out and making sure we pull in as big a pool of vendors as possible,” McClure told Information Week.

McClure has indicated a commitment to making the service as beneficial as possible for both the agencies and the contractors who are bidding for contracts, hence the forthcoming, reworked quotation request.

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