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Harding, Retired Army General, to Lead TSA

US TERROR PLOT PASSENGERS President Obama will today tap Robert Harding, the retired Army major general, to lead TSA. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will make the announcement around noon today, according to administration sources.

Harding retired from the Army in 2001 after a 33-year-long career in the military. Some of his roles in the Army included most recently the Army’s chief of intelligence, and prior that role he served as director for operations in the Defense Intelligence Agency.

After Harding retired from the Army, he started Harding Security Associates, which is a defense and intelligence contracting firm. Harding has been selected to head TSA after Erroll Southers was removed from consideration back in January due to reports that he may have been misleading Congress about an incident back in the late 1980s.

Harding will acquire many responsibilities at TSA, including handling issues associated with the new body-scanning machines after the Christmas Day bombing attack, as well as dealing with whether or not TSA employees should get collective bargaining rights.

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  1. Why didn’t he “tap” someone who knows something about security and really needs a job? This boy will now be double dipping for the rest of his life…………….way to create a job for some has been, who already has a healthy retirement plan in hand.

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