Secretary Napolitano Pushes Immigration Reform

American passportThe Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, met with stakeholders last Friday, March 19, to talk about immigration reform. The goal was to work together to make steps towards creating a new and improved system.

Involved in the meeting were members of Congress, representatives from the faith community, law enforcement, business and labor and advocacy groups. Napolitano encouraged individuals to offer input and suggestions as well as stressing the need for collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security and immigration stakeholders.

In Napolitano’s speech back in December highlighting the accomplishments of DHS she mentioned, “We took unprecedented steps in the interior to enforce immigration laws and improve legal immigration services and benefits that we provide to millions of lawful immigrants every year.”

However, on Friday she said the immigration system is still broken and has been ignored for far too long. Going forward, Napolitano will work with Obama, Senators Graham and Schumer, other Congressional partners, and stakeholders to create a new immigration system.


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