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FCC Grants Building of Broadband Networks

broadbandThe FCC has made a step toward a nationwide interoperable network. The agency yesterday granted approval of 21 petitions from different states, counties and cities seeking construction of interoperable wireless broadband networks for public safety.

“Today’s action brings America significantly closer to creating a nationwide public safety broadband network that will enable first responders to quickly communicate and share critical, time-sensitive information with each other during emergencies,” Chairman Julius Genachowski said.

Genachowski said: “We stand ready to assist public safety in their efforts to maximize the federal resources available to them to deploy these mobile broadband networks across the nation.”

Each waiver recipient is required to comply with the technical requirements set forth by the FCC, participate in demonstration network testing, enter into a standard form spectrum lease with the Public Safety Spectrum Trust, offer service to all designated public safety agencies within the covered area, as well as submit quarterly process reports.

The 21 cities, states, and counties that were granted waivers yesterday are the following:

Adams County, CO


Boston, MA

Northern California Consortium (Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose)

Charlotte, NC

Chesapeake, VA

District of Columbia

Hawaii and Counties of Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, and City and County of Honolulu


Los Angeles County

Mesa, AZ and TOPAZ Regional Wireless Cooperative


New Jersey

New Mexico

New York City

New York State


Pembroke Pines, FL

San Antonio, TX

Seattle, WA

Wisconsin Consortium

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