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CIA Appoints Gerald P. Hamilton to Lead Diversity Programs

cia logoCIA Director Leon E. Panetta has appointed Gerald P. Hamilton, a senior officer in the National Clandestine Service, to lead the agency’s diversity programs, including its public outreach efforts.

Hamilton will head the new Employee Resource Center, which was created to combine, focus and increase the capabilities of existing offices responsible for promoting diversity and equal opportunity within the agency.

“As a seasoned leader, Gerry has a clear understanding of how crucial a diverse workforce truly is,” Panetta said. “He also brings to the job a deep commitment to equal opportunity for all officers, both in the field and at headquarters.”

Hamilton previously served in a number of overseas posts and was deputy chief of the NCS human resources staff. He graduated from Morgan State University and earned a master’s degree from American University.

The center will be a point of contact for agency employees looking for information, advice, or assistance on issues such as anti-discrimination laws, disability accommodations, dispute resolution and mentoring.

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