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Army’s Cloud Migration in Question

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The Army’s cloud transition — moving 1.6 million email accounts to a Defense Information Systems Agency enterprise cloud — is now in question, after a House subcommittee voted to withhold 98 percent  of the program’s budget.

The House Armed Services Committee’s Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee voted to withhold funding for for next year until a “business case” can be made for the cloud switch, Nextgov reported.

The Army has already migrated about 20,000 email accounts to the cloud, Federal Computer Week reports. A spokeswoman for the Army’s chief information officer hadsaid the cloud migration is expected to save the service as much as $100 million a year starting in 2013.

While there were some hurdles for the project, including unforeseen cost increases, the project managers had most recently voiced optimism.

“It’s hard to conceive why the subcommittee is doing this,” Warren Suss, president of Suss Consulting, told FCW. “This is an example of a program that has been conceived with a lot of care and pursued with great vigor. It’s puzzling that Congress would choose to interfere with an initiative that makes so much sense and seems to be going so well.”

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