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Air Marshal BlackBerry Devices At Risk, OIG Report Says

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Blackberry devices used by federal air marshals have a backlog of security patches, leaving them open to security threats, the Homeland Security Department inspector general found.

In a redacted report released Aug. 22, the inspector general found scans of the air marshal program’s Blackberry service turned up numerous vulnerabilities.

The report says the Transportation Security Administration, in charge of the air marshal program, implemented effective security controls to protect both its wireless network and its devices.

The network and devices themselves did not have any high-risk vulnerabilities, the report said. However, problems with patches and configuration controls could leave devices open to external threats.

“Improvements are needed to enhance the security of wireless components to fully comply with the department’s information security policies and better protect TSA’s and Federal Air Marshal Service’s wireless infrastructure against potential risks, threats, and exploits,” the report says.

TSA agreed to ensure security patches are delivered in a timely manner, avoiding backlogs.

Click here to read the full report.

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