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Air Travel Safer but No Guarantees, TSA Chief Pistole Says

John Pistole

In the ten years since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, air travel has become safer but still comes with no guarantees, the head of the Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday.

John Pistole said terrorists are taking “extreme” measures to evade security, highlighting an attempt to hide explosives in a printer cartridge. These types of measures indicate air travel is safer, Pistole said.

CNN reports Pistole made the remarks at a speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

“The bottom line is, yes… I clearly believe we are safer today than we were,” Pistole said. “But we recognize again it’s not a perfect system. It’s not a 100% guarantee.”

According to the AP, Pistole said TSA will always perform random and unpredictable screening to keep terrorists from “gaming” the system.

Click here to watch Pistole’s full remarks.

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