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Survey Finds Fewer Companies Paying Extra for Employees with Clearances

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Less than half of government contracting firms will provide additional compensation to employees with security clearances, according to a recent survey of companies.

The Professional Services Council surveyed 100 organizations that derive more than 50 percent of their revenue from government contracts. The survey covers 448 job titles and nearly 34,000 employees.

The number of surveyed companies who pay a premium for employees with clearances was down 5 percent from last year, with 48 percent of companies saying they will pay extra for cleared workers.

Security clearance premium is being incorporated into base pay according to Alan Chvotkin, PSC executive vice president and counsel.

“With more jobs requiring clearances, companies are finding it harder to segment work between security-cleared and non-security-cleared jobs,” Chvotkin said. There is also growing parity of the salaries for front-line operational employees, so the premium paid for cleared employees is generally lower this year.”

Government contractor pay rose 2.1 percent in 2011.

Click here to view the survey results.

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