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WH Deficit Plan Modifies Tricare, Current Service Members Unaffected

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The White House’s deficit reduction proposal calls for increases in Tricare pharmacy co-pays for military beneficiaries and includes charging an enrollment fee for older retirees using Tricare for Life benefits.

However, any changes in benefits for military retirees would not happen immediately. Another commission will study the issue before changes are made.

In July, a Defense Department panel recommended overhauling the current 20-year military retirement system and replacing it with a system comparable to those in the private sector.

The White House plan says the current system needs an overhaul, but any changes would not affect current service members or those already retired.

Effective Oct. 1, Tricare beneficiaries will pay $5 for generic and $12 for brand name drugs filled at a retail pharmacy. Beneficiaries would pay $25 for brand name drugs not on the preferred list.

The enrollment fee for Tricare for Life would take effect by Oct. 1, 2012.

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