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White House Report Claims Data.gov Portal is Working

The White House has responded to critics of its open government initiatives by releasing a status report, claiming it has made progress in informing the public.

In its 34-page report, the White House acknowledged it needs to do more work in creating a more open government, but hit back at claims citizens are not being informed in ways they can understand.

Critics have claimed Data.gov, the government’s repository for agency statistics, is not of much use to most citizens because the data is too raw.

“Although the raw data sets at Data.gov do require aggregation and synthesis, at the same time those data come with an important advantage, which is precisely that they can be analyzed, synthesized, and repackaged in any way,” the report says.

The Open Government Partnership, including the U.S. and 38 other countries, was launched Tuesday at the U.N. General Assembly.

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