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TSA to Purchase New Airport Document Scanners from BAE

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The Transportation Security Administration has awarded $79 million each to BAE Systems’ information technology business and to two other companies for 30 new document scanners at airports across the U.S.

Each company will supply 10 machines each, with the machines costing $3.2 million per unit.

The machines are capable of checking documents such as identification cards, passports, driver’s licenses and boarding passes.

TSA said the new scanners, known as Credential Authentication Technology – Boarding Pass Scanning Systems, will eventually replace the current procedure used by security officers to verify fraudulent or altered documents. TSA personnel currently rely on ultraviolet flashlights and magnifying loupes to check passenger documents.

“This technology will automatically verify passenger identification documents and boarding passes to further enhance security,” said TSA Administrator John Pistole. “This technology will help facilitate risk-based security, while making the process more effective and efficient.”

The new machines will be tested at select airports in early 2012.

NCR Government Systems and Trans Digital Technologies were also included in TSA’s award.

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