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Report Finds Federal Workers Say Telework Has Positive Impact

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A new report from the Merit Systems Protection Board reveals that a sizable minority of federal employees say telework can have a negative affect on on work unit dynamics.

At the same time, an even larger majority say telework has a positive or neutral impact.

The report is based on a 2009 survey of approximately 10,000 federal employees. Telework employees who work in fields including law enforcement, lab work or facility maintenance say teleworking has had a neutral impact on their workplace relationships.

The findings include about 65 percent of telework employees who agree that are more engaged with their work, versus 47 percent of non-telework employees who say they are engaged in their work.

The report concluded with an possible explanation on why some employees feel engaged: “It could also be the case that employees who are already engaged to begin with are given more discretion to telework.”

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