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Air Force Looks to Eliminate Additional Positions

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Corey Parrish)

The U.S. Air Force announced Thursday it is looking to eliminate an additional 4,500 positions as a continuation of its fiscal year 2012 civilian restructure, according to a release.

“We value our talented and experienced workforce and are trying to do everything possible to manage these reductions with as little impact to our people as possible,” Michael B. Donley, secretary of the Air Force, said in the release.

In early August, the Air Force enacted a 90 day hiring freeze in conjunction with early exit options. As a result, the Air Force successfully eliminated nearly 9,000 positions.

On December 15, the freeze was lifted and the military branch proceeded to hire another 5,900 employees in order to fill necessary positions.

In an effort to continue to reduce low priority positions in its civilian workforce, the Air Force recently entered its second round of early exit options on Jan. 9.


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