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CBO Says Average Pay for Feds Higher Than Private Sector

Federal employees with a high school education and a four-year college degree receive higher compensation than similar private sector employees, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

CBO released its findings Monday on differences in compensation — wages and benefits — between federal and private sector employees.

The CBO said it used level of education, work experience, occupation and other factors to compare compensation between 2005 and 2010.

CBO said federal employees with no more than a high school education received, on average, 36 percent higher total compensation than similar private sector employees.

Average benefits for high school graduates are nearly 72 percent greater than benefits for similar private sector employees.

According to CBO, hourly wages are roughly the same in both sectors for workers whose highest level of education is a bachelor’s degree.

However, CBO said workers post-graduate education receive higher compensation in the public sector than in the federal work force. Private sector employees with a professional degree or doctorate receive 18 percent more in total compensation than similar federal employees.

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