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GAO: Four Agencies Hold 60% of Federal Energy Initiatives

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A majority of the federal government’s renewable energy initiatives stem from four federal agencies, according to the Government Accountability Office.

GAO found the Interior, Agriculture, Defense and Energy departments to be responsible for 60 percent of government energy initiatives in 2010.

Auditors reviewed energy practices of 23 agencies and 130 subagencies and found the top four government entities implemented more than 80 energy initiatives each.

The Pentagon was the leader in energy initiatives, claiming 116 in 2010.

The Pentagon said Monday it plans to cut its military operations’ energy consumption.

GAO said the most common project areas were for bioenergy, wind and solar in support of both the public and private sector.

By and large, GAO said agencies’ efforts were more commonly in support of the private sector.

More than 80 percent of the initiatives included the federal agency providing research support, using renewable energy in vehicles or facilities, improving regulation and compliance measures and providing deployment incentives.

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