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OPM Releases 2012 Federal Health Plan Guidelines

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The Office of Personnel Management has released its annual call letter for a federal workforce healthcare program, The Washington Post reports.

The Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan sponsors nearly 8 million participants and $43 billion in annual premiums.

The letter marks the start in settling terms of coverage and premium benefits for the following calendar year, according to the Post.

The program offers its patients health risk assessments, disease management programs, wellness activities and treatment plans.

John O’Brien, OPM director for healthcare and insurance, said Thursday that prescription drug costs contribute a third of the program’s expenses.

O’Brien made the remarks during a meeting of insurance companies.

OPM recommends increasing the total of generic drug prescription from 70 to 75 percent.

The letter also advised to eliminate annual limits on essential health benefits and end limits on eligibility to participate in certain clinical traits.

The program has nearly 200 participating plans from both national and regional health maintenance organizations, according to the Post.

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