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Report: DOE Fails to Meet Federal Clearance Requirements

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The Energy Department‘s inspector general said in a Feb. 28 report that the department has not met federal requirements for identity cards due to budget constraints.

Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 requires the DOE to issue smart identity cards to its contract personnel at field locations.

According to the report, HSPD-12 has cost the DOE more than $15 million throughout the last seven years.

So far the DOE has spent most of that money to issue and maintain badges but has yet to fully implement physical and logical access controls.

The report states that the DOE’s implementation of HSPD-12 is fragmented and fails to establish requirements for as cost, scope and work schedules.

In response, the DOE argued in certain situations such security measures offer minimal additional security and are not worth the cost.

DOE Chief Information Officer Michael Locatis said the agency will issue a draft-directive to address the failed implementation of HSPD-12 by July.

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