NARA to Issue Records Management Directives by July


In November 2011, the White House told agencies in a memo to submit evaluations of their records management practices and suggest reforms to the National Archives and Records Administration and the Office of Management and Budget by March 27.

Archivist David Ferriero told attendees of the FOSE conference Thursday that agencies can expect NARA and OMB to issue reforms in response to agency suggestions by July 25, according to FierceGovernment IT.

Ferriero said he could not predict what the directive will look like coming this summer but indicated many agencies had reviewing general records schedules high on their list.

He said the general records schedule team is examining the schedule and will include a project plan updating general records schedules in its final report.

Ferriero expects the revision to include clarifications as to what is and what is not a record, such as a tweet or a Facebook post.

He said the NARA’s general records team is creating a records schedule to cover social media outlet records.

The review will additionally update the time frames for agencies to turn records over to NARA, he said.

Agencies said they were dissatisfied with the turnaround time in submitting records through NARA and Ferriero said NARA will examine that turnaround time as well.

According to Ferriero, agencies also identified the Electronic Records Archive system as an area needing improvement.

Agencies said the system is clunky and needs to be more user friendly, he said.


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