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AF Gen. Norton Schwartz Addresses Public-Private Partnerships

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Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz recently told attendees of the annual National Security Forum that the economic environment calls for a continued focus on public-private partnerships.

Christopher Kratzer, who covered the event for the Air Force’s news service, writes that the forum aggregates executives, government and thought leaders to strategize on issues facing the nation.

Schwartz said the event also provides an opportunity for the military to gain insight from industry on security issues, Kratzer reports.

Cooperation is important in a time of declining and austere budgets, Schwartz said, adding that the current economic landscape is reflected in the Defense Department‘s Jan. 5 strategic guidance document.

The Air Force’s strategy is to maintain balance between efficiency and effectiveness of force structure, modernization and readiness, despite economic restraints, Schwartz explained.

He added that the Air Force has experienced times of austerity before and can handle budget constraints while remaining a premier military branch, Kratzer reports.

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