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Chuck McGann: Data Deciding Factor For Moving Apps To Clouds

Chuck McGann

What’s in the data determines whether applications can be moved to the cloud, according to Postal Service Chief Information Officer Chuck McGann.

McGann told attendees of FedScoop’s Cloud Shoot-Out and CyberSecurity Summit Monday that the Postal Service focuses on data when deciding to move something like zip code information to a cloud format, GCN reports.

Zip code information is available in a public cloud so that citizens are able to look up and access that information.

McGann said there was not a point for USPS to keep and store that information.

The Postal Service has data in public and private clouds but McGann said agencies have to consider risks when having these structures.

He suggests agencies only deal with what they can handle as a risk within cloud environments.

Agencies should also include an alternate path to data on a cloud in case of disruptions or security issues, he said.

Control is key in McGann’s 330,000 employee and citizen user environment, according to the report.

He recommended managers assign officials to be responsible for handling breaches in a cloud environment and establish data controls in order to determine whether cloud providers can be audited.

The Postal Service goes through a data discovery process before moving data into clouds in order to determine data ownership and McGann said the agency has found data without an owner, which equates with lost data.

McGann said the culture of people who use and own data should be changed so that people are only able to control access to the data they actually need.

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