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NATO’s Gabor Iklody Pushing For EU Cyber Collaboration

U.S. Air Force graphic/Corey Parrish

Training, education and information exchange are among many areas where the European Union and NATO could collaborate regarding cybersecurity, a NATO assistant secretary general said, according to Defense News.

Gabor Iklody, NATO’s assistant secretary general for emerging security challenges spoke during the EU Cybersecurity and Digital Crimes Forum on May 31 at Brussels, Germany, Julian Hale reported.

The EU and NATO can also collaborate in protecting national communications and information systems and harmonizing crisis management procedures, Iklody said.

Iklody further clarified that NATO has an obligation to defend national communication and information system but believes that it is inappropriate to implement that practice without the EU’s support, Hale reported.

NATO is also preparing its cyber threat assessment cell to analyze and understand major threats, according to the report.

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