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NWS Outlines Budget Shortages, Wants To Avoid Furloughs

The National Weather Service has published a reprogramming fact sheet for fiscal year 2012, highlighting budget shortages in areas needed to run important programs.

A recent audit concluded the agency’s program for local warnings and forecasting has inadequate funds to fully compensate labor expenses of NWS employees for FY 2012.

Labor expenses amount to around $2 million daily, the agency said.

In response, the Commerce Department assembled a reprogramming package to modify National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s fund allocation in order to continue NWS weather forecasting operations, the NWS said.

The agency believes its reprogramming proposal would avoid a furlough plan, saving it from violating provisions of the Anti-Deficiency Act.

The White House is working with Congress to implement reprogramming before July 1, giving the NWS time to map out its operational plan for the remainder of 2012.

If Congress does not agree, the agency has until September 30 to cut $26 million in funds.

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