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Pentagon Names Jennifer Napper Cybercom Plans, Policy Head

Maj. Gen. Jennifer NapperThe Defense Department has appointed Army Maj. Gen. Jennifer Napper director of plans and policy at U.S. Cyber Command, AOL Defense reports.

She is scheduled to leave her position as head of Army Network Enterprise Technology Command at Fort Huachuca, where she is credited with facilitating the consolidation of Army email systems, according to Sydney J. Freedburg Jr.’s report.

Maj. Gen. Alan Lynn, the present commander of Fort Gordon, will assume Napper’s responsibility as the head of ArmyNetCom, according to AOL.

Brig. Gen. LaWarren Petterson, current head of the 7th Signal Command, will succeed Lynn as head of Fort Gordon and Brig. Gen. John Morrison will succeed Paterson as head of that command.

Morrison currently serves as director of LandWarNet on the Army staff in the Pentagon.

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