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Report: Contractors Push For Tax Compromise Can Include Increases

Leaders at two major defense contractors recently cited lawmakers’ unwillingness to compromise as a factor in Congress’ inaction over the potential of sequestration, Talking Points Memo reports.

Two weeks ago, Pratt & Whitney President David Hess and Lockheed Martin CEO Robert Stevens testified before the House Armed Services Committee about what could happen to the defense industry if sequestration occurs.

According to Brian Beutler’s report, their remarks acknowledged that refusal to compromise on increasing tax revenues from the Republican caucus was not helping to deal with the country’s fiscal issues.

Hess told the panel that everything should be on the table and Stevens said Congress should try all possible ingredients to avoid sequestration, Beutler reports.

On Thursday, Rep. James Andrews (D-N.J.) told the website he believes a coalition will form to push for entitlement legislation Democrats do not want and revenue increases Republicans do not want.

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