Army Offering Some 15-Year Vets Early Retirement; Gerald Purcell Comments

Some U.S. Army soldiers with between 15 and 19 years of service may be eligible for early retirement as the branch undergoes a planned drawdown of forces through 2017, the branch announced Tuesday.

David Vergun of the Army News Service writes the branch is using Temporary Early Retirement Authority as one of several tools to reduce the size of the force, going from 570,000 active-duty soldiers to about 490,000 active-duty soldiers by the end of fiscal year 2017.

Under the TERA directive, Vergun writes officers and warrant officers who have twice failed selection for promotion to the next grade and noncommissioned officers denied continued service by an approved qualitative selection board are eligible for retirement under TERA.

“Soldiers who elect to retire under TERA and are approved, will receive full retirement benefits at a slightly reduced annuity,” Gerald Purcell, the enlisted personnel policy integrator with Army G-1, said to the Army News Service.

Purcell said the qualitative selection board will identify noncommissioned officers by military occupational specialties and pay grade and determine compatibility of their skills with the Army’s future force structure mission requirements.

Soldiers will have a year to decide whether to accept TERA after being notified of selection from the board, Purcell said, according to Vergun’s piece.


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