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House Dems: FY 2013 Defense Sequester $10B More than OMB Figures

Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee estimate the Defense Department will have to cut $60 billion from its fiscal year 2013 budget if sequestration takes effect, according to AOL Defense.

That figure represents a 1.9 percent higher amount than the Office of Management and Budget‘s estimates, Sydney Freedburg Jr. reports.

OMB estimates the Pentagon would see a $50 billion cut under sequestration, AOL reports.

According to the report, the additional $10 billion cut comes from what is termed a “second, separate sequestration,” triggered by the failure of the deficit reduction supercommittee and resulting in a reduction in the maximum that can be spent on security-related programs.

Todd Harrison, a budget analyst at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, told AOL that the cap is set and lowered under the Budget Control Act, passed as part of a debt ceiling agreement in summer 2011.

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