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Hagel Asks Civilian, Military Personnel to Examine Pentagon’s Strategies

ChuckHagelDefense Secretary Chuck Hagel is asking senior civilian and military personnel to examine the department’s strategies under sequestration, according to a DoD article.

Pentagon press secretary George Little said Hagel wants the officials to “examine the choices underlying the department’s strategy, force posture, investments and institutional management.”

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Army Gen. Martin Dempsey will lead the review effort with a deadline of May 31.

American Forces Press Service reports that the new examination is a follow up on the Defense Strategic Guidance released earlier this year.

“This Strategic Choices and Management Review will define the major decisions that must be made in the decade ahead to preserve and adapt our defense strategy, our force and our institutions under a range of future budgetary scenarios,” Little said.

“The results of this review will frame the secretary’s guidance for the fiscal 2015 budget and will ultimately be the foundation for the Quadrennial Defense Review due to Congress in February 2014.”


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