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NATO, Afghanistan Govt Agree To Partial Drawdown

U.S. Army photo
U.S. Army photo

NATO and Afghanistan’s government reached an agreement Wednesday on a limited and phased drawdown of NATO forces deployed in one district, Reuters reports.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai set a March 10 deadline for U.S. special operations forces to leave the Wardak province and this new agreement is limited to one district within the province, according to Mirwais Harooni’s report.

Harooni reports U.S. special forces are expected to remain in Afghanistan after most of NATO combat troops leave the country by the end of next year.

Lt. Gen. Nick Carter, a British general and deputy commander of NATO coalition forces, said special forces and other coalition troops will remain in Wardak, according to Reuters.

According to BBC News, long-term negotiations are continuing over which foreign forces will stay in Afghanistan after NATO withdraws most of its 100,000 troops in 2014.

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