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US Sends F-22 Jets for Korea Drills as North Continues Threats

U.S. Air Force photo
U.S. Air Force photo

The U.S. has deployed Lockheed Martin-built F-22 fighter jets to South Korea for a joint military exercise with that country as North Korea continues to make threats, Reuters reports.

Paul Eckert writes the jets will fly in the annual Foal Eagle exercise, intended to keep both countries ready in the event of North Korea attacking the South.

This deployment comes after the U.S. flew two B-2 bombers for practice runs over South Korea Thursday, then North Korea’s leader on Friday ordered missile units to prepare to attack U.S. bases in South Korea and in the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. would likely use F-22 jets first in the event of a conflict with North Korea.

The exercises will continue for several more weeks, according to Journal reporter Julian Barnes.

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