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Gregg Jacobs: Naval Research Lab Builds Ocean Weather Monitoring Tech for NOAA

U.S. Navy photo
U.S. Navy photo

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration will adopt a weather forecasting model developed by the Naval Research Laboratory to deliver sea-based environmental data for public use.

NRL built the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model system to provide seven-day forecasts everyday throughout the year as part of a national oceanographic partnership initiative, NRL said Wednesday.

“Development of an advanced global ocean prediction system has been a long-term Navy interest,” said Gregg Jacobs, head of NRL’s ocean dynamics and prediction branch.

“This use of Navy developed systems for global ocean forecasting represents dual use technology that will benefit civilian interests and is an excellent example of the cutting edge research that is enabled through Navy sponsored investments,” Jacobs added.

NOAA’s National Center for Environmental Prediction will implement the NRL-made platform to help civilian organizations manage at-sea operations, avoid hazards and respond to emergencies, NRL says.

The center also works to provide satellite-based observations around U.S. coasts to the public, according to the lab.

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