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BIO: EPA Should Change Renewable Pathway Petition Process

Green BatteryThe Biotechnology Industry Organization is asking the Environmental Protection Agency to come up with a new process for companies to apply for new renewable pathway petitions.

BIO said Monday that it welcomes the EPA’s decision to halt new petitions for six months but believes the agency should create a new review process.

“Advanced biofuel companies need a pathway to the fuel market in order to attract necessary investment to build and start up new production facilities that create new jobs,” said Brent Erickson, executive vice president for BIO’s industrial and environmental section.

Erickson added the EPA has completed less than half of the 62 petitions it received for renewable fuel pathways over the past four years.

The average waiting time for these companies is 17 months and businesses filing for cellulosic biofuel pathways wait on average of 24 months, BIO says.


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