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Donald Campbell, Donald McGregor: US Military Committed to European Partnerships

army stock photoThe U.S. Army Europe and National Guard intend to maintain a collective relationship with European allies and continue participating in multinational exercises to prepare for any contingencies, Air Force Times reported Friday.

Michelle Tan writes that Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell, commander of U.S. Army Europe, said the branch shows its support to partners in Europe by conducting joint military training exercises and by bolstering regional alignment of forces.

“At this point it’s really about assurance and reassurance that the U.S. and U.S. Army are going to be there through whatever crises come up,” Campbell said, according to the report.

“Our commitment to the European nations … is going to stay consistent, and we’re going to stay focused on it,” he added, according to Tan’s report.

Tan writes that the National Guard seeks to expand military-to-military engagements with U.S. partners through the EUCOM State Partnership Program.

The program was created to address instability and promote democracy in former Soviet Union states and has now grown into a global initiative among 68 partner nations, Tan reports.

“They’ve asked us to take the relationships we have, at very senior levels, between the adjutants general and chiefs of defense, for example, and use them … to assure [our partners] we’re there to support them,” said Maj. Gen. Donald McGregor, National Guard Bureau director of policy, strategy, plans and international affairs, according to the report.

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