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Geoff Ling to Head DARPA’s New Biotech Office

DARPAThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has named Geoff Ling director of the agency’s new biological technologies office, which has been formed to combine national security projects with natural sciences.

BTO will work to apply biological, engineering and computer science tools on national defense operations, DARPA said Tuesday.

“The biological technologies office will advance and expand on a number of earlier DARPA programs that made preliminary inroads into the bio-technological frontier,” said Ling.

DARPA will transfer programs from its defense sciences and microsystems technology offices into BTO, as well as the Hand Proprioception and Touch Interfaces project.

BTO will focus on helping to restore and maintain the capabilities of soldiers through new techniques and therapeutic methods.

The office will also work to develop new systems by using biological processes and build applications for human health stability.

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