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Iran Set to Draft Nuclear Pact Next Month

Nuclear powerplantIran is set to formulate a draft on its nuclear program with world leaders at a committee meeting in New York next month, Reuters reported Sunday.

Michelle Moghtader and Mehrdad Balali write that the state news agency IRNA said the U.S., France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia will meet with Iranian leaders from May 5 to 9 to begin the development of “comprehensive agreements.”

Hamid Baeedinejad, director general for the Political and International Affairs Department of Foreign Ministry, will lead Iran’s team during negotiations at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review preliminary meeting, according to the report.

Iran has until July 20 to complete a nuclear agreement in order for the sanctions imposed on its nuclear energy program to be lifted, the report says.

The country recently said it only intends to generate electricity from its atomic energy program, Reuters reports.

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