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Pentagon Plans to Spend $63B on FY 2014 R&D

PentagonThe Defense Department plans to allocate nearly $63 billion for its research, development, test and evaluation programs in fiscal year 2014, Defense News reported Sunday.

Zachary Fryer-Biggs writes the Pentagon also wants to reduce spending on system development and demonstration by half under its 2015 Future Years Defense Plan in order to concentrate funding on basic research.

DoD’s fiscal 2015 budget proposal seeks $874 million to replace the U.S. Navy’s Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarines and $197 million for the Littoral Combat Ship mission modules, according to the report.

The military also plans to spend $214 million on the U.S. Air Force’s Space Fence program, $113 million on the Army’s WIN-T network and $145 million on a missile defense radar, the report says.

Fryer-Biggs writes the planned RDT&E spending amount for fiscal 2015 is twice the enacted level for fiscal 2014.

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