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Kevin Irland of Verizon Examines the White House Report on Big Data

big dataVerizon public relations professional Kevin W. Irland has identified four takeaways from a recently released White House report on big data.

Irland writes the 90-day study examined big data’s impact on various sectors of society, particularly in healthcare, education, cybersecurity and energy management.

The report highlighted how mobile, data analysis and cloud technologies could play key roles in elevating patient care delivery and treatment, Irland said Friday.

It also noted how big data is making a significant change in classrooms as instructors adopt new teaching methods to match analysis on how students learn best and as students get access to more, relevant information faster.

The evolving threat landscape has made information sharing and big data analytics indispensable in the government’s cybersecurity and cyberdefense posture as well, according to the study.

Finally, Big data, through the Internet of Things, is already being leveraged in the area of energy management,” Irland said.

“As adoption grows, new data will be generated to drive further efficiency and reliability gains,” he added.

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