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Adm. Cecil Haney: U.S. Nuclear Triad Integration Key to Strategic Deterrence

Cecil Haney
Adm. Cecil Haney

Navy Adm. Cecil Haney has addressed the U.S. nuclear triad’s role in bolstering strategic deterrence efforts against threats of terrorism and regional conflicts worldwide, American Forces Press Service reported Friday.

Haney told an audience at the State Department’s George Marshall Conference Center that religious extremism, regional unrest, budgetary pressure and competition for natural resources pose risks for the U.S. and the world, Terri Moon Cronk reports.

“Each element of the nuclear triad has unique and complementary attributes in strategic deterrence,” the U.S. Strategic Command chief said.

“As we look at ballistic missiles and air response capabilities to the survivable leg of our submarine capability to the heavy bombers, the real key is integration of all three that make a difference in the deterrence equation for any country that would want to take us on,” he said.

Haney added the U.S. is dealing with threats from weapons of mass destruction and “advances in state and non-state military capabilities across air, sea, land and space domains and cyber security,” according to the report.

He cited India, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, North Korea and China as countries that have stepped up their investments in defense modernization programs, Cronk reports.

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