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Army to Develop Tactical Comms Hardware Marketplace; Danielle Kays Comments

mobileThe U.S. Army plans to set up a marketplace for tactical communications hardware offerings in an effort to streamline the process of procuring platforms, Defense Systems reported Monday.

Kevin McCaney writes the common hardware systems program office will work to manage the marketplace, implement standards and establish contract vehicles for the Army’s Common Operating Environment.

“The goal is to streamline the end-user experience for soldiers by providing a single look and feel that minimizes time and dollars required for training, while allowing units to focus on their mission,” Danielle Kays, product director for CHS, told Defense Systems.

Soldiers will be able to view geospatial maps, videos and sensor data from unmanned systems through their mobile devices under the COE program, according to the report.

The Army issued an implementation plan for the operating environment in 2012 as part of the tactical network modernization roadmap and its Force 2025 goals, McCaney reports.

Defense Systems the Army plans to award a contract for hardware requirements of the Army’s data cloud, command post, mounted, mobile, sensor and missiles computing environments.

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