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SolarWinds’ Chris LaPoint: InfoSec, Systems, Network Roles to Evolve in Gov’t IT

Chris LaPoint
Chris LaPoint

Based on the results of SolarWinds‘ latest public sector IT survey, Chris LaPoint, the company’s vice president of product management, believes training on emerging technologies for government IT professionals is crucial in order to adapt to evolving roles.

In an interview with Josh Davis posted Sunday on the Business 2 Community site, LaPoint said agency adoption of technologies such as cloud, BYOD and virtualization has an impact on IT roles, operations and skill sets, and most respondents have thus indicated the need for training.

“The fact that only 28.3% of respondents said they’re ‘completely confident’ that they can provide the guidance and expertise necessary to help their agencies make informed, strategic business decisions with regard to emerging technologies underscores the need for IT to adapt now.”

LaPoint has also highlighted information security as an important area to automate as government IT organizations also see it being in high demand in the next three to five years.

“As an increasing number of services become shared due to IT infrastructure convergence, the resulting abstraction makes it increasingly more difficult to monitor and manage from a security perspective.”

“Agencies must start thinking about the problem holistically if they’re going to adapt to these changes in IT,” he said.

LaPoint also sees information security, virtualization and network engineering as the top skills for automation as security, network and systems skills and roles evolve and become in demand.

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