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DOE to Back 31 Electric Vehicle Tech R&D Projects; Ernest Moniz Comments

Ernest MonizThe Energy Department has allocated more than $55 million in funding for 31 projects to research and develop new technologies aimed at increasing vehicle fuel efficiency.

DOE’s goal is to help the U.S. automotive industry produce electric plug-in vehicles that offer the same level of convenience and affordability as gas-powered cars by 2022, the agency said Thursday.

Nineteen projects will focus on developing PEV components such as lithium-ion battery and wide bandgap semiconductors, and the other 12 will explore dual-fuel systems, coatings and lubricants, according to DOE.

“Investments in the next generation of vehicle technologies will both strengthen our economy and lead to a more fuel efficient, clean energy future,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

The Department of the Army has invested $3.7 million in vehicle power technology development projects through a partnership with DOE.

DOE says the military organization seeks new systems and approaches for minimizing friction and wear in motor vehicle powertrain.

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