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IARPA Seeks Info on Neural Tools to Forecast Cognitive Performance

NIH image
NIH image

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity has asked industry to propose ideas for developing neural tools and methods to predict a person’s cognitive performance in different settings.

IARPA seeks ideas regarding non-invasive structural and functional brain assays in order to identify brain-based prediction systems of an individual’s future cognitive performance, the agency said in a request for information Friday.

The agency wants the predictive technology to determine individuals who are able to acquire complex skills and fulfill national security-related missions.

Interested companies and organizations must outline the methods and analyses they plan to use in order to address existing challenges to predicting cognitive performance, IARPA says.

IARPA is accepting responses to the RFI until Sept. 30 before the government formulates a program to produce those neural tools.

Vendors must also include in their responses an estimate of how they expect the performance of their proposals.

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