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McAfee’s Jarno Limnell: NATO Should Redefine Cyber Attack Considerations

Jarno Limnell

Jarno Limnell, director of cybersecurity at McAfee, has outlined what he believes are cyber threats and challenges  that NATO member-states are likely to tackle at the September summit in Wales.

Limnell wrote Monday that NATO must bolster its cyber capabilities and redefine its interpretation of the Article 5 defense policy amid a growing environment of “hybrid warfare in Ukraine.”

“President Obama and his European counterparts must make tough decisions and clear guidelines at the NATO Summit in September,” he says.

Limnell says NATO members must work to combine cyber technologies with other military strategic and operational concepts for defense and offense in order to address threats.

NATO is also challenged by existing policies under Article 5, Limnell writes.

“The crisis in Ukraine shows that the time has come for NATO to replace strategic ambiguity with clarity about how the collective defense pledge plays out in the face of cyber threats,” he says.

Limnell urged the alliance to define the types of events that call for a response under Article 5 and when a cyber attack would be considered an attack against all.

Another challenge for NATO is its cyber capabilities, according to Limnell.

“It is a positive trend that information sharing, mutual assistance, cooperation with industry and exercises are increasing and deepening within NATO,” he writes.

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