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Tony Sager: Fight Against Cyber Crime Needs Team Effort

cybersecurityTony Sager, chief technologist for the Council on Cybersecurity, believes that bringing different organizations together to share cyber intelligence is key in the fight against security threats, GovInfoSecurity reported Friday.

Eric Chabrow writes that Sager discussed the nonprofit’s collaboration with information technology vendors and their enterprise customers to help thwart cybercrime in an interview with Information Security Media Group.

“The big challenge today is that there no one enterprise … that has the people, the information, the resources to even keep up with this flood of information,” Sager said, according to GovInfoSecurity.

Sager explained that a critical security controls guidance he co-developed several years ago works to help organizations prioritize and adopt cyber defense strategies.

He added the Council on Cybersecurity is working with technology firms such as Verizon, Hewlett Packard, Symantec and McAfee to share IT security best practices.

Sager is also director at the SANS Innovation Center and previously served as chief operating officer for the National Security Agency‘s information assurance directorate.

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