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IARPA Announces Neurophysiological Correlation Contest Winners; Adam Russell Comments

IARPA_logo_EMThe Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity has selected Troy Lau and Scott Kuzdeba’s scientific approach to predict human behavior as the winner of the agency’s first public challenge.

Lau and Kuzdeba developed the Joint Estimation of Deception Intent via Multisource Integration of Neuropsychological Discriminators tool through use of combined statistical methods under the Investigating Novel Statistical Techniques to Identify Neurophysiological Correlates of Trustworthiness program, IARPA said Thursday.

“Their performance under the rigorous evaluation process of the INSTINCT Challenge provides additional evidence in support of one of the TRUST program’s basic hypotheses: that the self’s own, often non-conscious signals – if they can be detected and leveraged appropriately – may provide additional valuable information in trying to anticipate the intentions of others,” said Adam Russell, TRUST program manager.

IARPA says the JEDI MIND tool could pave the way for further study on how neural, physiological and behavioral signals could help forecast human behavior

The researchers built the concept at BAE Systems’ Burlington, Massachusetts-based adaptive reasoning technologies facility.

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