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Kidd Manville: DSCA Eyes Streamlined Foreign Defense Sales

PentagonThe Defense Security Cooperation Agency has unveiled a plan to streamline the process of selling military equipment to foreign buyers, Defense News reported Wednesday.

Paul McLeary writes DSCA’s “Vision 2020” strategy aims to help the agency comply with U.S. weapons trade restrictions while also supporting a NATO defense assets pooling initiative.

“Under our Export Control Act we can’t do it like that,” Kidd Manville, DSCA deputy director for strategic planning and integration, was quoted as saying.

“But we are looking at different ways of doing that while still complying with the Arms Export Control Act, but not doing it exactly the way NATO wants us to do but still satisfying their requirement,” Manville added.

Vice Adm. Joseph Rixey, DSCA’s director, believes the foreign military sales program needs reform for the U.S. to compete in the international commercial defense market.

Defense News reports the Pentagon assembled integrated regional groups to collaborate with combatant commanders on assessing the needs of partner nations.

“We had to be more responsive and provide our customers with a more responsive organization with more transparency, more visibility, so people could understand what’s happening,” said Clayton Holt, a DSCA senior strategic analyst, according to the report.

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