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Michael Daniel: White House to Focus on ‘Smaller’ Cybersecurity Bills

Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel

Michael Daniel, White House cybersecurity coordinator, has said the Obama administration plans to pursue congressional approval on “smaller” cybersecurity legislation instead of comprehensive cyber measures, GovInfoSecurity reported Thursday.

Daniel told a forum that the White House seeks to get Congress to enact cybersecurity legislation before lawmakers go on recess by the end of the calendar year, Eric Chabrow reports.

“I do think it will probably be easier for us to get smaller pieces of cyber-legislation rather than one, giant comprehensive bill,” Daniel told the forum.

“So, a lot of our efforts are involved in getting whatever we can passed on whatever vehicle we can manage to get it attached to, as long as the policy and the legislation itself is acceptable,” he said.

Daniel also highlighted the White House’s reaction to reports of bank data breaches and law enforcement woes over the growing adoption of encryption in mobile devices, GovInfoSecurity reports.

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