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Matthew Swartz: Navy’s ‘Task Force Cyber Awakening’ to Submit Cyber Proposal

Matthew Swartz
Matthew Swartz

The U.S. Navy‘s Matthew Swartz said the service is building up cyber capabilities as part of the efforts of “task force cyber awakening” to address the threat of cyber warfare, National Defense Magazine reported Saturday.

Sandra Erwin writes that Swartz, director of communications and networks for the deputy chief of naval operations for information dominance, leads the task force and expects to release a proposal soon on the Navy’s cyber measures.

“It may be not just technology but organizational principles and structures,” Swartz said.

He has been working with all departments within the Navy to develop the proposal, which he said could also impact its hiring, procurement and force training practices in the future, Erwin reports.

Swartz said the service is looking to establish “cyber safe” standards and adaptable design as part of the acquisition process for key IT and combat systems.

Troy Johnson, director of capability integration for the task force, added that the Navy has also given incentives to fleet commanders to drive cybersecurity awareness.

“We want network security to become mainstream. Commanders should understand the impact of what could happen,” he said.

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